Before today, A+ Points was available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Portuguese. However, after the latest update released today, that number has gone up by one. Now A+ Points supports Simplified Chinese as well, bringing the count to 6 languages!

A+ Points in Simplified Chinese

Now that A+ Points supports Simplified Chinese, you may be wondering how to change the language of the app. Well, the app is smart enough to detect the language of your phone and automatically display all the text in the same language. If your language is not one of the 6 supported languages, then the app defaults to displaying all the text in English.

And, it is not only the text that’s displayed in different languages, but all the language properties are also applied. For example, Arabic is written from right to left. So the app switches the display automatically to accommodate this for Arabic language users (as you can see in the screenshot above).

How To Change Phone Language

For iPhone users, you can change the language of your phone by going to Settings -> General -> Language & Region -> iPhone Language, and then you can select the language you want to use.

For Android users, changing the language of your phone is different depending on the Android variant that your phone uses. I’m not going to list every Android variant out there (I would need a whole blog post for that!). However, here are steps you need to take on 2 of the most popular variants.

  • Stock Android: This is for all users of Google Pixel phones. Go to Settings -> System -> Languages & input -> Languages, then you can add the language you want to use.
  • Samsung: On Samsung phones, go to Settings -> Search for “language”, then tap on Language and input -> Language, then you can add the language you want to use. If you don’t see your language, tap on the three dots in the top right corner and select All languages.

Suggest Edits

If you use one of the six languages and you see a particular text that you think needs to be changed, please feel free to email me or use the contact form to let me know. I would greatly appreciate any suggestion that will improve the app in any way possible. Download the app today on your iPhone or Android device. Thank you!

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