With everything that was (and still is!) going on in 2020, A+ Points has made a lot of interesting updates to help users enjoy a better experience using the app. Most of these updates were implemented based on direct feedback from users of the app. So, special thanks go out to all the users who spent the time to send us their feedback on how to make the app better!

In this blog post, I would like to out line a few of the updates that I think were the most important during this year. They are listed in no particular order, but most of them were done towards the end of the year.

Requesting Rewards

One of the most important updates was adding the ability for children to request the reward of their choice. Of course, they can only request rewards after they have enough points to get the reward. Once the request is made, a push notification is sent to the parent. Then, the parent has the option to approve or reject the request.

I believe that this feature enables the child to look forward to the reward even more, and work as hard as possible to complete all their tasks in order to get the required points to be able to request the reward of their choice.

Reward requests
Reward requests

Assigning Rewards to children

Just like assigning tasks to children, now you can assign rewards to children. This way, rewards are specific to children, and when a child is looking at the available rewards, they will only see the rewards that are relevant for them. This is especially helpful when there’s a bigger age gap between children.

Assign Rewards to Children

Reordering Rewards and Goals

Now you can also reorder rewards and goals. This way, you can keep the most important items always at the top of the list. To reorder an item, simply long press and move the item up or down.

Looking forward to 2021!

I look forward to making the app even better in 2021. And to help me do that, please keep sending your comments and feedback on how to make the app more useful for you! You can always send your feedback through the app, or by sending feedback directly to me here. And remember, you can download the app on iOS and Android. Thank you.

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